PHILIPS G7200 aka Schnieder 7200 Radiola Jet 27 (Never Released outside Europe)

Unboxed 70-100
Boxed (Don't Know) 300+



Image Shows slightly rarer Radiola Jet 27

  • CPU 8048 Intel  Processor
  • 4Kb Ram
  • 8Kb Rom
  • 256x192 Resolution On Screen
  • 8 Colours
  • 1 Channel Audio 8 octaves.
  • 2 Joysticks. (4 direction 1 fire. digital)
  • 49 Key Keyboard
  • 1 Cartridge/Expansions slot
  • Monochrome Monitor

In the original advertisement pamphlet that came in the g7000 box was this gorgeous looking piece of computing looking like something straight out of Buck Rodgers or Flash Gordon, The G7200 depicts everything retro computing concept was all about. at Thirteen years old this got drooled over more than any of the copies of playboy hidden under my bed.

They came shipped with

  • G7200 Video Games Club Application

  • Instruction Manual

  • A warranty Card

  • 2 Detachable 5 way controllers


Click Image to download desired manual

The PHILIPS G7200 did get a limited release in the UK, but I had never seen one. and to this day I have never seen the box to one. so that's one of my personal "holy grails", please if you have any information on a box to a G7200**, or if your a collector could you please just supply me pictures.

Thanks to site visitor Ulf Svensson, I have now got a picture of a G7200 box which I thought I would share with you all. Oh God I would like that baby in my collection, so there it is.  Needless to say I will be taking serious steps to acquire it.


Like The G7000 Schneider released a variant of this machine as did Radiola. In a very stylish black casing The Radiola Jet27 & Schnieder G7200 are much sought after pieces of kit in the Videopac world.

VALUE Schnieder G7200 or Radiola Jet27
Unboxed 100-130
Boxed (Don't Know) 350+

There was also the N60 with a built in screen, but a very different design, that cannot really be classed as a 7200 variant but a new model entirely, however the capabilities were identical. There is no known Videopac+ variant of the G7200.

Of Course The G7200 apart from the built in screen had no advantages over the G7000 and plays all standard Videopac cartridges, it did have a change of keyboard layout and size making the Musician and QFTR keyboard overlays invalid, The enhancement modules C7010 chess modules still work but hang funnily off the side.

I currently own two G7200s an extremely rare English model, and more common French model. The 7200 got most success in France and can easily be bought from there for use in the UK, simply converted my use of a European mains converter (2 to 3 pin) the only real difference is the English one says "Select Game" whereas the French asks "Que Jeu ?". and the space bar language



Inside A G7200 viewed from Cartridge port side

Cartridge Slot Close up

English version, Keyboard and ROM English.

French Version French/English Keyboard French ROM

French K



is there a German or NL variation ?

A third variant has been mentioned by forum member list, which appears to have the Anglo-French keyboard but with English ROM