There is a whole range of products available for the Videopac series of console that were available either direct from the shops or through the Videopac club, Amongst collectors now they are few and far between, such items as Videopac storage cases, adapters, controllers, covers, promotional badges and gimmicks, This page is intended to look at them individually and try to build a comprehensive list of what may be available for the dedicated collector. I'll try to list categories in alphabetical order.

To my knowledge there are two metal badges for the console, since they are both written in English I strongly suspect that there are lots more in German and French, plus ones for the odyssey. The G7000 games club and the I took Control of the Philips G7000

The first being about 3.5cm diameter and the latter being 5.3cm, you received the games club one as part of your membership to the club package, I am currently unsure of the ITCOTPG  source, however it appears to be exclusively UK.

The photograph used was taken from an eBay auction, so they do materialise occasionally, I currently own one of the red pins, and did own a white one back in the eighties.  I'm sure the commander rom club in Germany would have had lots of its own variants.


G7000 covers are highly sort after, and appear all too infrequently for my liking, They seem to be of UK origin, and were available from the G7000 club.





RF (SeCam) Modulator


The Modulator was made for use with the Videopac 7401, and to my knowledge was only available in france, judging by the box design was made by a third party company, although clearly mass-produced, this one (i believe) is the only one known to have survived, and as luck would have it, it is unused, despite a little damage to the outer card, and polystyrene inserts, the modulator itself is (as new).

The Philips G7000 Pen
Cartridge cover stickers, again seemed to be of French origin, they came on a sheet, but are most commonly found stuck onto cartridges, The stickers included up to release 36 and videopac A.. Other stickers included some

 commander rom and monkeyshines stickers about 5" in diameter, round,

often shiny, which seem to be of German origin. there was an incident some months ago of such stickers making news in the videopac world as victims of eBay Reflections pictures...if you don't know what that means I suggest you search it out.

This sweatshirt originally red, but taken from a black & white photo, I have enhanced the red, to give a more accurate representation.  anyone have one of these please contact me
Wico made a trackball for the US Videopac console (Magnavox odyssey 2), no European release of the trackball is known, and very few are known to exist (2 or 3 I think), luckily one has survived intact with box, and we are fortunate to have been allowed use of the photos.





This is an original 80's Dragon Slayer, QFTR tee-shirt as modelled by my beautiful stepdaughter Dawn, incredibly this is a large size apparently, and while still a little big for her(slight thing that she is), would be considered small by today measurements...have we really grown that much in just under 3 decades.Apparently adults were reccomend ed the EXTRA large size and I think I would struggle with that.

Other tee-shirts include..

  • Pick Axe Pete Pick Off, Specially made for that fabled tournament, but was later made available to subscribers of Odyssey Adventure in the fall 1982 edition along with the Dragon Slayer Tee-Shirt.
  • Turtles Introduced in the Summer 1983 OA,
  • Commander Rom

and the new Videopac 38 Tee-shirt as modeled by me on the My Story page and I believe this i still available.