20 Stone Sling


Rarity in the UK 3/10 Guideline Price 5 (last eBay price 3 in good condition. allow about 3 to ship to UK also and possible customs charges). although you should find one in the UK with a little patience, around the 2.50 mark and 1.50 postage. Lots of variations to choose from, including two enhanced variants, the jopac version as always being the most valuable and sought after. On a further note US and Brazilian variations are Voice Compatible.

A simple classic game found ported on many consoles and computers, it was even supplied with early versions of MS-DOS Basic in the form of two monkeys throwing bananas at each other, principally a two player game, you must estimate the best power and trajectory to fire your cannon up in the air to land exactly on either your enemy, killing him outright, or destroying a piece of his castle which he hides behind, at the same time he is doing the same thing to you.

This game is a winner, as most kill your best mate first games are.

Below is a table of  variations I Know, am interested to see any other variations you may know of..

  Stone Sling       Batalha Medieval Smithereens Stone Sling Stone Sling Stone Sling
Front Cover    
Description PHILIPS Standard Plastic Variation PHILIPS Standard Card Version PHILIPS+
Enhanced Graphics
Brazilian Standard Variation Magnavox
US Card Box Variant
Siera Variation Radiola
Rarity Common Common Unusual RARE Unusual Unusual Not Confirmed RARE RARE
UK Guide 5 5 10 25 10 10 12 12 12
Product Number PDSF PH 18 00 2 51         AC9441      
Cartridge Variation       If you Have this game catridge please contact me immeadiatly  
Other Pics                  


Sorry I only Have a French only copy of this game at the moment