43 Pick Axe Pete



Rarity in the UK 5/10 Guideline Price 4. allow about 3 to ship to UK also and possible customs charges). although you should find one in the UK with a little patience, around the 2.50 mark and 1.50 postage. At this point Philips began more intensely on arcade type conversion games, I'm not sure this was released with a cardboard cover.

Pick Axe Pete was again pushing Atari's Buttons, This was the Philips version of Donkey Kong and some would say the best game on the Videopac console. No lawsuit was pursued although Atari's feathers were ruffled.

A Plus version was released, but not a JOPAC, which is surprising for such a popular title.

I have also included another proto/demo I stumbled upon, there is no variation between this and the official release.


Unlike Donkey Kong, there is no damsel to rescue, more particularly a maze to clime, you do still have a pickaxe, which disappears after a while, your up against time dodging falling boulders waiting for your time to collect the key that will lead you to freedom.

TITLE Pickaxe Pete Pickaxe Pete Pickaxe Pete Didi na Mina Encantada Pickaxe Pete Pickaxe Pete Pickaxe Pete Pick axe Pete Pick Axe Pete
Front Cover      
Description PHILIPS Standard Plastic Variation PHILIPS Standard Card Version PHILIPS+
Brazilian Standard Variation Magnavox
US Card Box Variant
Siera Variation Radiola
Prototype or Possible Philips In-house copy
(origin Netherlands)
Rarity Common Not Available Unusual Common Uncommon Not Confirmed Rare Unique/s Rare
UK Guide 6 NA 10 6 6 NA 18 NA 28
Lat Ebay Price               113
8th November 2006
Product Number                  
Cartridge Variation   If you have the Siera version of pickaxe pete please contact me imeadiately  
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