• CPU 8048 Intel  Processor
  • 4Kb Ram
  • 8Kb Rom
  • 256x192 Resolution On Screen
  • Built in Black & White Screen
  • 1 Channel Audio 8 octaves.
  • 2 Joysticks. (4 direction 1 fire. digital)
  • 49 Key Keyboard
  • 1 Cartridge/Expansions slot
  • Volume, Brightness & Contrast Controls





Pictures Courtessy Of Forum Member

The Philips N60 is a bit of an oddity, That I am aware this machine was only released in France and the Netherlands. the construction is that of a  Minitel 1A (french teletext terminal) case, the unused holes are for the cable phone. as you see from the very similar Mintel T3 pictured left, produced by a company called "La Radiotechnique...Radiola ? one asks oneself", I believe the 1A has the preasure type keypads we all know and love of the Videopac range.

Technically the N60 is no different from the G7000, 7200 and has no enhanced uses or feature, although it was a precursor to the G7200 coming out slightly before in those European countries.

unusually the carts plugged into the right side, and this model other than the unreleased odyssey 3 is definitely the rarest of all the Videopac range. Fetching prices of up to 250+


 Other Points of interest about the N60 are;-

  • The N60 has a illuminated power switch which doesn't suffer the fate of those provided with the 7400 & 7200 style machines.
  • The N60 Joysticks are hardwired as in the earlier G7000s
  • The N60 has no output fro video, so your stuck with B/W only.
  • The N60 Uses the C52 Motherboard
  • Although the N60 keyboard looks very similar to the 7200s there are differences meaning that the 7200 keyboard overlays do not fit, but the N60 did get its own keyboard overlays in a small production (see below)
  • The N60 was shipped with race (although this is to be confirmed for all N60s) but the copy of race was shipped in a plain white cardboard box.


Pictures Courtesy Of Davidje & Rene7400
The boxed model shown above was sold on eBay Jan2007 for 375.. I dont think one will go that cheap or come along that good again.