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Klaus Peterka has come up with a new front end that fully supports the latest versions of O2em and makes use of some great features such as high scores etc.

In addition to this Klaus has incorporated a games database using all the available information on your very own's game database, so instantly and without net access you can see all the variations, games covers cartridge variations, values & synopsis  before/during or after playing the game.

It even includes INSTRUCTIONS for each game in PDF format !!!

You can even select, the Machine to emulate with multiple Bioss' such as G7400, Jopac & C52. and as n added bonus, you can download, it as a complete working, ready to go package. No more hunting for the parts.

The package will be fully supported, with all the latest finds & releases available.


MS Windows (tested under Windows2000 and XP, untested under 98/ME)
.net framework 1.1
Adobe Reader

(Very) Quick Installation:

Download the Full Version
Unzip the file into a new directory
Launch TheVideopacBase.exe
At the first start select various directories (o2em, media, roms, etc.)








The videopac Base has its own forum, visited by the author (Klaus, (aka PerfectStranger).

visit the videopac forums


Ask Klaus any question you like in the TVB section or maybe the answer is already there.


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