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17 Chinese Logic

Release Date: 1980

It occurs to me, that I had quite a bit of difficulty obtaining this one, and it could be a bit of a sleeper, indications are that it was for some reason released out of sequence (late), I think that this may later prove to be one of the more desirable videopacs. as it's fairly basic if it was released while the more sophisticated arcade games were becoming popular this would not have been picked up by all but the most ardent of gamers at the time, thus quite rare. Information has recently come to light (September 2006) that possibly this cart was never released with a cardboard cover. Philips at least we're believed to have released all the games in the early days in Cardboard covers, up until cartridge 26 when they started producing the carts in the more robust Plastic cases, which they reproduced the earlier carts with also (hence you can still get the lower numbers in plastic). We also do not have any evidence of the sierra or French only release of this cart (other than Radiola) again unusual as they made most up to this point, is it possible that despite being in Philips early line-up of Videopac carts the release of this was greatly delayed past sierras involvement and Philips cardboard days. Now Philips up until the release of this cart was producing them with shiny card covers that were plain black with the cart number on only, they then switched to card boxes with the colour cover (like the plastic manuals), does this also have any baring on the decision? There is no US (Odyssey2) equivalent of Chinese Logic.



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Chinese Logic
Logique chinoise
Chinese logica
Chinesische Logik
Logica cinese
Kinesisk logik
Logica china


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