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41 La Conquete Du Monde

Release Date: 1981

This is the slightly more common UK variant using the odyssey box, odyssey gold sticker, but with a G7000 sticker appended to the cart sticker which reads "For use with the Philips g7000" These originally shipped with clear plastic sleeve which also mentioned the G7000 (rare in itself). a nice intact copy of this, which like most board games loses pieces, with sleeve and the coloured marker strips unbroken could be very valuable to the dedicated collector. but for most parts you should get this game appearing a couple of times a year on eBay, but the real collector should be looking for the UK videopac type box, not as fancy...but much much harder to get.


"There has never been anything like this exciting game of strategic and tactical confrontation! You play with an authoritative working model of the real world! Every country starts with a power base reflecting its true to life capability of achieving national objectives by subtle diplomacy or direct military force. Relationships between countries are quite authentic and based on a formula derived from world power assessment- a calculus of strategic drift by Ray S. Cine former deputy director of intelligence. C.I.A. A new type of gameboard dictates entries into the odyssey2 computer keyboard. The computer realistically simulates land, sea and air battles on the television screen. Combat results are recorded on the gameboard which in turn cues new entries into the Idyssey2 computer keyboard. the electronic air forces, navies and armies can be deployed against each other in any combination and are totally dependent on supplies represented by on-screen energy units. Every successful conquest and alliance will strengthen your countries power base. The country with the strongest powerbase at the end of the game wins! Conquest of the World is the first game of its time so be ready for many unusual features Everything's included. Expanded memory computer cartridge, Full colour gameboard, and the token base unit indicators,



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Product Number :
Author :
Ed Averett
Value :
£40 Value as complete and in as new condition

Binary Rom Size :

Box Type :
Large Card, lift lid
Region :
Europe (France)
Conquest of the world
La Conquete Du Monde
Eroberung der Welt
Alla Conquista del mondo
Verdens Erobring
Spelet om Varldsmakten
Maailman Vallitus
La Conquista del Mundo


Europe (UK)
Large Card, lid which removes.

Europe (UK)
Large Card, lid hinges at back.

Europe (France)
Large Card, lift lid

Europe (Denmark)
Large Card, lift lid

Europe (Belgium)
Large Card, lift lid

Large Card, hinge back