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42 Quest for the Rings

Release Date: 1982

Probably most common of the master strategy range, although this doesn't detract any from its collectability as the cardboard outer box means that over twenty-five years of neglect it's still difficult to find one with all the pieces and a box that hasn't been squashed under other items in the attic. Much like Conquest of the world, collectively you shouldn't have too much difficulty obtaining one, but if you're looking for a specific country or box style, you may have to wait. There are limited variations to the product, Strangely the UK release did not tie in with the Videopac Range as we were given the slightly more luxurious Odyssey2 box style over our European counterparts. I have never seen the Lift lid with English title and number 42 similar to the few copies of the BUK Conquest of the world. The Odyssey2 version we got came also with a clear vinyl sleeve that reads "For Use With PHILIPS G7000", fortunately, this helped keep all the pieces too, what would be nice would be if we had some reference to this being VIDEOPAC 42 on it., even the cart inside for the UK was simply a gold labelled Ody2 cart with a PHILIPS G7000 sticker over it. Master Strategy Game Box, cardboard Gold Embossed Instruction Manual, with velum type paper and full-colour instructions 23 Plastic castle token covers 3 metal Monster Tokens 3 Metal Dragon Tokens 10 metal Ring Tokens 1 Metal Quest Token A lovely Master Strategy Game board to the same high quality of GWSFH & COTE. 1 Hourglass Token (Plastic) 8 Possession tokens (plastic) 1 G7000 Keyboard Overlay 1 G7400/G7200 Keyboard Overlay (European Versions Only)


Well, I think the game didn't really live up to the packaging, which is beyond reproach the quality of the packaging and associated components is unsurpassed to this day in the world of computer games. In the UK and possibly elsewhere, it came with an outer clear plastic sleeve for added protection, but since I owned my original back in 1983ish, The object of the game is to track your way through the land of Riproria on the high-quality board game type map, in each of the castle locations there was a plastic token cover that hid the event about to unfold to the adventurer. lifting the plastic cover you would reveal one of the monster tokens made of copper I think and possibly one of the rings for which you quest. you then using the keyboard overlay select the location type determined by the plastic cover, the enemy type determined by the token and whether a ring was to be had, before doing this you had pre-select what type of mythical creature or class your adventurer was to be and select him/her to battle the monster. you then switch from a board game to a computer game to do the fight sequence.



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Ed Averett
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£ Value as complete and in as new condition

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bigbox hinged
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Quest for the Rings. Die Suche nach den Ringen
La Quete des anneauxm Speurtocht naar de Ringen
Caccia al Tesoro
Jagen pa ringen
Jakten pa de magistra ringama
Sormusten Etsinta
La busqueda de los Anibos



bigbox hinged