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48 Backgammon

Release Date: 1983

Now we are talking serious collectables, in my opinion, Backgammon is THE rarest Videopac Cartridge that was available on general release, several factors came into play which makes Backgammon the jewel in the collectors crown. Backgammon is boring as far as video games of that day go, it's not realistic enough compared to today's gaming capabilities to attract serious backgammon players. It was the first release in the Videopac+ style boxes that wasn't a preexisting upgrade, I think this may have confused buyers as to whether it was compatible with their system, for a start there's no number 48 on the cover, it has the clear back plastic. It was only released in Europe, and as mentioned on an earlier cart, many people at this time were moving onto the home computer market and away from the TV games. As you will see from now on the release variants are severely reduced by this. Backgammon had at least Four release variants which were only Language Variations for the manual, the cover has its language variant typed in the bottom corners. of the four released there was. NL/I = Netherlands/Italian GB/SF = Great Britain/Suomi (Finnish) F/D = French/German S/DK = Danish There are no other companies such as Radiola, Siera, Magnavox which released backgammon. Of which I do not know which is the least common, and therefore the most valuable. In two and a half years there has only been 2 copies of Backgammon on eBay, most people would class the likes of Transamerican Rally as being the rarest, because of its limited availability to members of the Videopac clubs. However stylish graphics made this an attractive buy and by this method it outsold backgammon. There is usually around 5-6 Trans American Rallies on eBay per year.




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Mick Rouse
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£280 Value as complete and in as new condition

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Plastic (clear)
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Plastic (clear)

Plastic (clear)