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06 AV 9477 Barao Vermelho!

Release Date: 1983

One of the hardest titles to find, As far as I am aware, there were only two releases of this title, the European Videopac Plus version with enhanced graphics, and a Brazilian Odyssey2 version with lower resolution graphics. The Brazilian version in my possession is a prototype cartridge covered in my rarest page, it includes a little animation at the start that is not in the Plus version. I don't actually know if this is standard in the Standard Brazilian release (I suspect it is) let me know (it is confirmed). See the video of the animation Above Right. Now while I say that the Brazilian is rare and the European is very rare, this is based on information from Another website based in brazil, in personal experience I have never seen the Brazilian release for sale, but I have seen two or three European on eBay in the past two years. Now there is a rumour of a European plus version called "Red Baron" which would make it pretty much the same as the Brazilian. but why ?? basic business principles would dictate that since the +version is backward compatible you want maximum audience with minimum cost, there would only be one release for this region, so I suspect that the reason red baron has only been found in prototype is because that's all it was ever intended as, and was just a precursor to Air Battle or an early import from brazil that's label was directly translated.


t also seems the control method is different in the two versions as Barao Vermelho (which translates as RED BARON) seems to thunder down the runway by itself, whereas the Air Battle you push forward to build up speed and go up, and down to slow down/ land. its reasonably playable (or maybe that's just my version), but lacks a goal once you shoot down a few of the enemies, there's no barrel rolling or loops I'm afraid, which limits its realism greatly. (not that you expect too much realism) but I would have thought with a little more effort this could have been done.


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06 AV 9477
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£50 Value as complete and in as new condition

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Air Battle
Barao Vermelho!
Le Fou Voulant


Plastic (clear)