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Deiter Konig who runs the excellent CCC website did everybody proud with a very authentic release of this game, the instructions thus far only written in English, offer high quality print, in keeping with the style and design of the original 80s carts, the game is only 7400/odyssey3/Jopac compatible, although I don't know if it has yet been tested on one of the few o3's. the game also requires two joysticks for the game play, dieter with his release also provided a wooden frame to keep the two joysticks together to make playing easier. Now The site is currently sold out, but is promising a renewed supply, so if they appear, grab one while you can as past releases by other parties have maintained a very limited release on the likes of 61+ & 62+, which means there value is in the region of 150+, I have only listed this cart at 25 which is its face value...ish when buying from CCC, provided more appear (hopefully). There was however a very limited selection of copies signed by the author of the game Rexford A Battenberg.. 16 copies.. so you can speculate at their value should any collector be mad enough to part with their copy. now here's weird for you, the first sixteen cartridges produced are owned by... well the first one is being kept by dieter, the second one by rex...who could sign any cartridge anytime :D.. I suppose he just wants it because its one of the first.. I'm glad to say that the owner of cart no 16 (the very last collectors copy) mine !!!! an owners list is available on CCC.



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Flash Point
Ponto Critico!


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