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O6 AV 9483 Frogger

Release Date: 1982

Based on an original Sega arcade game Frogger... well its a bit unusual in the UK, but not impossible to find and more readily available on the internet from some of our European neighbours, it also found release in brazil but published as a Philips cart rather than Parker. Frogger was one of the later releases (1983), in fact frogger didn't materialize in my childhood until a while after I had moved on from my G7000. US never saw a release of Frogger, and the European does not work on the NTSC sets... but fear not, apart from it saying the Spanish "recorde" where "Hi-Score" should read, the Brazilian version is compatible for US Odyssey consoles. In 2006 there was a late re-release of Frogger, what some would call a hack, which was limited to just 5 copies going under the name of frogger plus!, not to be confused with the European understanding of a plus game as there was no enhanced graphics that were plus compatible only, more-on the publisher simply mimicked the way the US had named its games in the early days as many o2 releases were coined "space monster plus!" etc.


Classic arcade game that uses only the 4 directions of the controller, carefully manoeuvre frogger across the road, avoiding moving objects, then across the river by landing on logs and other moving objects, picking up baby frogs along the way and avoiding sinking turtles, crocodiles snakes etc, to arrive in one of the frog holes at the top of the screen, where if you're lucky a fly resides fro a bonus. under time constraint, this is one of the all time classic 8bit arcade games that has been copied many times, up there with space invaders, pacman and mr do! Unlike most versions of this game, instead of the road and river sharing the screen, you have two scenarios per attempt, first screen being the road, second being the river as you can see from the screenshots



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O6 AV 9483
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Peter Inser
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£25 Value as complete and in as new condition

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