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VXT A08 Chez Maxime

Release Date: 1983

As with all JOPAC Titles expect to pay a premium for the game, This title never got any releases under any other company, so is exclusive to JOPAC/TOTEK, there are two known variants to this label and that is just in title, for a so far unknown reason (although licensing may be the most likely explanation Chez Maxime seems also have to been released under the title RESTAURANT, although only one copy has so far been found under that title, it is rumoured to have English instructions although I am yet to confirm this.


This is one of my favourite Videopac compatible games (JOPAC & G7400 Only) in fact it made one of the first site game of the months (full article) You are Maxime, an overworked under paid waiter, you work on a three story restaurant and must serve your customers on all three floors, as the customers come in they are perfectly calm and happy, however as time goes buy they become more and more Irate if they do not get service, by first of all turning red, then flashing red and jumping up and down before they leave, Maxime must face them at their tables bringing food from the dumb waiter because if three customers up and leave Maxime gets fired from his job.. not only that there's a stray dog named Fufu that keeps trying to get the food Maxime has before it gets to his customers. Graphics wise, the game uses all the standard Videopac graphics, apart from Fufu which is specifically designed and indeed looks like a dog (I have a blocky dog you see). the game uses all the usual sounds, the reset sound as you deliver your food, the rapid ding ding ding ding as your customers start to get irate. Playability.... yes, very its quite a fun game, I can see myself giving this a few more goes this afternoon after typing this, I quite liked it, certainly had I had this one with my G7000 a back in the eighties it would have been right up there in my favourites.


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